On-Board Suites Elevate Train Riding To A Luxury Experience

On-Board Suites Elevate Train Riding To A Luxury Experience
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Japanese cruise train reinvigorates the art of traveling, inviting passengers on deluxe adventure.

Serena Chu
  • 14 october 2013

Board the ultra-luxurious “cruise train” and tour the beautiful volcanic southern island of Kyushu, Japan, while sneaking in a “seven-star” snooze here and there.

Japan’s Kyushu Railway Company proudly welcomed the Seven Stars to its family of dignified bullet trains, known for their speed and punctuality. The Seven Stars greets vacationers with an enticing ambience and decadent magnificence. Designers of this massive locomotive infused authentic Japanese design with ornate Western embellishments, fashioning a new kind of travel accommodation.

train 2

Departing from Hakata Station, Seven Stars will travel though all five prefectures of Fukuoka, stopping at major attraction sites. Passengers will be brought around to catch a glimpse of Mt. Aso, one of world’s largest volcanoes and spend a night at the hot springs of Kirishima. Starting October 15th, the train will head out on its first travel adventure.

For those of you with a few bucks to spare, you might want to look into the train’s $11,500 Deluxe Suite A. It is a 226-square-foot room, featuring a 5-foot panoramic window overlooking the track behind the train. Since its unveiling, the suite is already fully booked through next June. However, there is still a wide range of other rooms to choose from.

Take a look inside the train’s Deluxe Suite A and see what you are missing out on. Maybe someone will cancel their reservation?

Seven Stars 


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