Spoof Ad Pays Tribute To An Unbreakable, Unhackable Navigation Device

Spoof Ad Pays Tribute To An Unbreakable, Unhackable Navigation Device

A tongue-in-cheek promotional video for MAP sings the praises of the analog item.

Kristen Nozell
  • 17 october 2013

A French parody touts the benefits of  ‘a new bio-optical knowledge recording and dissemination system, responding to the trade name MAP.’ The snarky video, created in collaboration with geography institute CRIGE PACA drew inspiration from a similarly sarcastic clip about ‘BOOK‘ by Leerestademoda, a Spanish social project that aims to promote reading.

According to the clip, MAP is compact, convertible and portable, never crashes and never needs to be restarted or updated. ‘FUF’ (Folding/UnFolding) technology allows for easy opening and closing, and the use of an additional tool — the pencil — facilitates the annotating process.

Besides providing some humor, the video prompts reflection on the instinctive desire to gravitate towards the new and shiny, while an existing solution may in fact be better. This may not be true in the case of navigation devices, but the idea still merits consideration. The clip (in full below) also demonstrates how commonplace features of any device, whether analog or digital, can be elevated by jargon to seem exceptional.


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