Online profile created for Mark Zuckerberg offers a window into his thoughts as CEO.

We have all done some Facebook snooping in the past, not a big deal. However, the University of Wisconsin took it to a whole new level when they created The Zuckerberg Files, a website that documents every single public appearance, product release, and videotaped appearance Zuckerberg has made. All the information is stored on the University’s Digital Commons website, which currently has more than 100 full-text transcripts.

The framers of the site created The Zuckerberg Files as a way to better understand the young billionaire’s way of thinking. By analyzing his actions and how they change over time, the public can make better recommendations and increase user awareness and literacy. According to the site, The Zuckerberg Files’ insider knowledge of Zuckerberg’s strategic moves lets users understand how the company is dealing with the policy and ethical debates surrounding social networking. Privacy issues have continuously been a heated topic, and users have been reacting in such a way that might dramatically affect the direction Facebook is going.

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