This First Aid Kit Helps Treat Mental Illness

This First Aid Kit Helps Treat Mental Illness

Creative agency Doberman designed the New First Aid Kit in collaboration with Campaign Hjarnkoll.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 october 2013

Mental health awareness campaign Campaign Hjärnkoll collaborated with Stockholm-based agency Doberman to create a first aid kit designed to raise awareness about mental health in Sweden.

The New First Aid Kit includes a traditional first aid pack and a mental health self-evaluation test designed to detect early symptoms of mental health issues like stress and anxiety. The kit has a QR code that links to an informational website. The kit also has a hotline number to a certified mental health care provider, as well as guidelines on how to help someone.

The design of the kit is very simple and the color blue was selected because of its calming effect. The kit was also made to look like a traditional first aid kit and is meant to be accessible in public spaces that are also somewhat private, places like the bathroom and copy room. The aim is for the kit to help break taboos about mental health.

The idea for a mental health first aid kit originated from a 2012 students’ design project directed and hosted by Doberman. The kit was developed with the help of mental health experts and psychologists, and with the help of funding from private businesses in Sweden.

The mental health first aid kit is currently being test around Sweden.



Campaign Hjärnkoll // Doberman

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