Mind-Controlled Cars That Help People Overcome ADHD [Pics]

Mind-Controlled Cars That Help People Overcome ADHD [Pics]
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Light intensity increases the longer you are able to focus your mind on this remote-controlled car.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 october 2013

Increasing the amount of time you can concentrate sounds like it would be a tedious process, but a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven has recently proven that it can be quite the opposite. Alejo Bernal has created an illuminated toy car that can only be controlled by your mind and gets brighter the more you are able to focus your attention. His hope is that the project will help ADHD sufferers to overcome their condition and learn what it means to stay focused for extended periods of time.

To take control of the car you have to wear an electroencephalography (EEG) headset that measures your brain’s electrical activity and converts it into actionable signals for the car. Talking with Dezeen, the designer explained how the remote-control car works:

As you try to focus, the increased light intensity of the vehicle indicates the level of attention you have reached, [and] once the maximum level is achieved and retained for seven seconds, the vehicle starts moving forward.


Bernal wants people to learn how to train their minds to be stronger, which would increase the amount of time they concentrate and reduce the need for strong medicines such as ritalin. During his research, the designer visited the Dutch Neurofeedback Institute and noticed that patients received digital feedback from their EEG efforts, even though ADHD sufferers often develop addictions to TV, video games and computers. His toy car is an analog alternative that aims to improve brain function without the development of addictive behaviours.


Alejo Bernal

Images via Dezeen

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