'Mab', by Colombian designer Adrian Perez Zapata, took first prize at this year's Electrolux Design Lab competition.

‘Mab‘, an automated cleaning system by young industrial design student Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia, won this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition. The concept consists of hundreds of flying mini-robots that can clean all surfaces in the home.

Mab can scan a house, determining the different areas to perform custom clearnings by touching and trapping dirt particles. The concept has been designed to be elegant and neutral so it fits in with various types of homes.

The mini-robots mimic the behavior of swarming bees to communicate information about the environment and clean in an orderly manner. They can fold their wings to save space on the surface of Mab, stretch them out to fly like a propeller, and also rotate the wings. You can check out the cleaning solution in the video below:

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