Art History Desserts Replicate Modern Masterpieces [Pics]

Art History Desserts Replicate Modern Masterpieces [Pics]
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NYC photographer replicates Rothko, Koons, and Mondrian using ice cream, Jell-O, and other sweets.

Sara Boboltz
  • 1 october 2013

Sarah Anne Ward captures the literal intersection of food and art with her photo series depicting edible masterpieces. A New-York-based food and product photographer by trade, Ward has fostered a longtime appreciation for the fine arts, beginning each dessert with her “good ol’ art-history book” in hand.

Picasso/Braque pinwheel cookies

Her ice cream cake Rothko came first, inspiring a rice krispie treat Pollock, a pinwheel cookie Picasso, and more. She’s created seven sugary iterations of well-known artworks thus far — covering everything from pop art to cubism to the abstract — and has plans for two more, inspired by Dalí and Calder. (She’ll be using marshmallows and rock candy, respectively.) Ward enlists the help of food stylists Healther Meldrom and Michelle Gatton with the project. In her own words:

These are ways that you can actually prepare food for people. It’s not just making the picture with the food; it’s making it in a way that it can be served, eaten, and also recognizable.

Click through the images below to see more decadent art works.


Grub Street

Images by Sarah Anne Ward.


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