PSFK’s Trending Topic: How Musicians Are Hacking The Traditional Album [Video]

PSFK’s Trending Topic: How Musicians Are Hacking The Traditional Album [Video]

Musicians are now releasing their work in new and innovative ways.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 october 2013

These days, musicians aren’t relying on an ordinary album release or reviews to get traction for their songs. They’re proactively taking the album back from traditional record labels and using new technologies to release their work in innovative and previously unseen ways. Ranging from an accompanying 8-bit video game to an album created exclusively on Vine clips, musicians are making a name for themselves not just through their tracks but by the way they announce them to the public.

Here are some the music promotions that were featured on PSFK.

8-Bit Video Game Accompanies Album Release

Indie band Okkervil River’s lead singer Will Sheff built a point-and-click adventure game to go with the release of their album The Silver Gymnasium. The 8-bit video game features a soundtrack based on music from the album. Sheff built the game with the help of agency Eyes and Ears. The game can be played using any desktop browser.

Record Label Lets Customers Subscribe to Albums Like A Magazine

Music producer Nicholas Jaar’s serial label Other People is subscription-based. The first release was made available to subscribers and non-subscribers, but subsequent issues became available only to subscribers. The ‘serial label’ is backed by many artists from Jaar’s previous label Clown & Sunset.

Album Remixes Songs Based on Listener’s Surroundings

To go with electronic musician edisonnoside’s debut album “Sadly by your side,” Italian interaction designer Angelo Semeraro of Fabrica created an iOS app that remixes songs based on the images captured by the iPhone’s camera.

Music Album Made on Vine

Scottish musician Aidan John Moffat, who is known as L. Pierre, released a free album consisting of eight Vine videos. The musician used the platform’s endless looping to his advantage to keep playing the short tracks. The album, called The Eternalist, best works in the Vine app.

Crowdfunded Music Service to Release Rare Vinyl Records

Universal Music launched a service that releases deleted or rare records of old albums if there is enough demand for them. The releases will be funded Kickstarter-style and the re-issued records will come with digital downloads and “personalized art prints.”

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