Song Vibrations Transformed Into Crystallized Sculptures [Pics]

Song Vibrations Transformed Into Crystallized Sculptures [Pics]
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Swan Lake is an art work whose growths are “drawn” by vibrations of Tchaikovsky’s composition of the same name.

Daniela Walker
  • 24 october 2013

Tchaikovsky’s ballet composition Swan Lake serves as the inspiration and the catalyst for Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka‘s own Swan Lake. The latter is a painting grown out of crystals, and is on show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), as part of Yoshioka’s solo show, TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA_Crystallize.


Swan Lake harnesses the vibrations from Tchaikovsky’s music to encourage the crystals grow in a water tank.

Says Yoshioka:

By growing natural crystals in a water tank, it is as if the energy of life is injected into the work. Life of nature and energy transforms a piece of music into a painting, and fosters a life in crystals.

Yoshioka has been working with crystals since 2007, in a variety of iterations, including a crystallized rose and a chair made of crystal threads. Swan Lake is part of the new works on show along with his past explorations of crystals. Explaining the exhibition, MOT said:

Drawing on the ‘accidental beauty’ nature creates, these works are experiments with a deeply human emotional appeal. Yoshioka believes that by drawing our attention to the latent power and beauty of nature, this project asks important questions about the future.

This is Yoshioka’s largest solo show and will be on display until January 19 2014.

See images of Swan Lake and other works from the exhibit in the gallery below:

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo //  Tokujin Yoshioka

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