Extravagant Christmas Catalog Features Aspirational Gifts For Dreamers

Extravagant Christmas Catalog Features Aspirational Gifts For Dreamers
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Neiman Marcus’ 2013 Christmas catalog features a “Fantasy Gifts” section, with luxe gifts that blow laptops and smartphones out of the water.

Daniela Walker
  • 10 october 2013

Remember that time Santa brought you that $150,000 falconry set replete with trunk of  equipment including a gold-plated perch and exotic skin falcon hoods? Yeah, me neither. But perhaps that is because Mr. Claus wasn’t wise enough to look at Neiman Marcus‘s Christmas Book. While there are reasonable suggestions such as watches and slippers, the annual catalog also has an eye-brow raising, eternally amusing list of fantasy gifts for the hopers, the dreamers and the billionaires.


This year, the selection of fantasy gifts range from the above falconry kit to a $1.8 million diamond experience, in which the buyer not only gets to help design a personalised diamond ring with jeweler, Maria Canale, but also gets flown to Africa to see where the ethically-sourced rock comes from. Another option is the $1.5 outdoor theatre system, which is waterproof and foldable.

Neiman March spokeswoman Ginger Reeder says that finding unique gifts to include in the catalog is getting more difficult:

The world has become so much smaller than it used to be that the challenge of finding things that are new and interesting becomes harder and harder every year.


Reeder says that Jeffrey Koons $20,000 Dom Pérignon’s Balloon Venus is selling well and the limited edition Aston Martin Vanquish Volantes are sure to sell out. As for the falconry set? We’ll have to wait until December 25th.

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