An open-air floor plan for city apartments stacks more living space to create a smaller footprint.

Taking into account the increasingly constrained space of urban environments, Thailand-based design studio Apostrophy’s created a multi-purpose housing prototype that attempts to organize living space in a new, innovative way. The concept, “Living In The City,” is a semi-open floor plan that boasts overlapping floors/layers, “green” walls incorporating plants, and stacked rooms to increase usable space.

At just over 1,000 square feet, the concept housing unit packs a kitchen and dining area on the first level, a multi-purpose area or bedroom on an intermediary level, and an open loft on the top level. With most of its furniture serving more than one purpose, wheelchair access, stairs doubling as storage areas, and a garden built into the walls, this apartment model is space-efficient to say the least.

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