Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Sono is an advance noise-canceling gadget that lets people be selective about the outdoor noise they hear.

Yi Chen
  • 21 october 2013

There are already special glazed windows that can reduce the amount of outside noise. However, they also eliminate the more pleasant environmental sounds such as chirping birds, waves, and rustling leaves. What if you could choose to let in specific sounds while keeping out the annoying car alarms, construction sites, and traffic?

Industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich from Austria asked himself the same question and came up with the concept of Sono. The high-tech device sticks to any window and allows users to manually adjust the outdoor volume and select which noise to eliminate and which sounds to let in.


Stefanich explains that, “In our loud and busy world a moment of silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience. Sono lets you reclaim that silence for your home.” The device utilizes concentric broadband antenna rings can be recharged through Wi-Fi signals or the conventional plug-in method.


Sono is a finalist in the prestigious James Dyson Award. Watch the video below for a product demonstration of the concept.


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