Nokia Designs Smart Bracelet With Multiple Touch Screens [Pics]

Nokia Designs Smart Bracelet With Multiple Touch Screens [Pics]
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A smartwatch that wraps around the wearer's wrist with 6 displays.

Serena Chu
  • 18 october 2013

Cross an Apple iPod Nano with a bangle bracelet, and you might get something like the Nokia Facet that recently received a patent. Proving to the world again that smartwatches are probably the worst inventions out there, this bizarre Nokia concept for a multi-display wrist accessory won’t be mass produced anytime soon (hopefully).

facet 3

Several versions of Facet have been produced, each better (or worse) than the last. The six different displays of the wrist watch are touch-sensitive, and allows wearers to switch between apps with a swipe of the finger. To view different screens, wearers can either turn their wrists or touch the bracelet to change the panel’s positions.

facet 1

The question is would you wear this bulky piece of technology? If you are curious about the Facet, here is a video.



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