Haiku Generator Invents Poems Based On NSA Key Words

Haiku Generator Invents Poems Based On NSA Key Words

Haiku generator that creates bizarre poetries the government cannot help but flag and spy on.

Serena Chu
  • 29 october 2013

Using a list of volatile, dangerous internet terms, the NSA Haiku Generator creates three-line poems in the well-practiced Japanese five-seven-five syllable format. Programmer Grayson Earle designed the site to automatically generate haikus using words the NSA and Department of Homeland Security have flagged. These haikus are not meant to be stylistically beautiful, instead they are actually a random jumble of words. Earle assigned syllable counts to the phrases.

Government 1

If the government is going to spy on our online presence, we might as well poke some fun at the whole set up, and create some obnoxious morse-code for them to filter through. For all they know “Hurricane Airplane” could be a covet mission to overtake an underground society.

Play around with generator and see what bizarre arrangement you come up with and share your poetic creations on social media.

NSA Haiku Generator 


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