The Plate-Plate collection by Duncan Shotton features tableware printed with outlines of a plate, knife and fork on its surface.

The Plate-Plate collection by Tokyo-based British designer Duncan Shotton features black and white tableware with the outlines of a plate, knife and fork printed on its surface.

The print on each plate is slightly smaller than the plate itself so it creates an optical illusion where the food looks larger than it actually is. The tableware is available in sets of glossy white and matte black, and comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

The Plate-Plate collection launches at this year's Tokyo Designboom Mart as part of Tokyo Design Week. Visitors of the event have a chance to purchase the collection off the exhibit along with Shotton's other works. The collection is also available for pre-order on Shotton's online shop and will be shipped after the event.

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