Original Kodak Photos Depict The Roots Of Selfie Culture [Pics]

Original Kodak Photos Depict The Roots Of Selfie Culture [Pics]
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Photographs from the brand's first consumer cameras have been posted online, giving a glimpse into what everyday life was like for early users.

Daniela Walker
  • 3 october 2013

While the Kodak Box was George Eastman’s first camera for the company, the Kodak no. 1 was the first one to be taken up by consumers for its low price and ease of use. Now, the National Media Museum has released some of the images that people created using their very first personal camera.

The leather clad, box-shaped camera was marketed to non-professionals for its easy-to-use functionality – it came pre-loaded with 100 exposures and a tagline, ‘You Press the Button, We Do the Rest’ – and a relatively low cost of $25.

The images are a fascinating look into the past and how people took pictures. While today, everyone’s phone is a camera and we’ve moved beyond taking pictures of landscapes and others to mostly taking pictures of ourselves, the gallery of Kodak moments is a peek into how people interacted with the technology when it was brand new and each photograph felt important.

National Media Museum



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