Shigeru Ban Architects built a tree hut on Yakushima Island in Japan that can easily be replaced if damaged by the area's harsh weather.

Shigeru Ban Architects, who are known for their use of paper and cardboard materials, have built a tree hut in Japan. Its location, in the national park on Yakushima Island, is exposed to very harsh weather conditions.

The mountain lodge in the forest was rebuilt on the foundations of a dilapidated hut that had to be torn down. It is mainly made out of paper tubes and this construction is crucial, as they will be easy to replace if damaged by future storms or natural disasters.

Designboom reports that the structure's exterior has a paper tube wall filled with transparent tubes that enable light to filter through. The slanted roof helps to drain the rainwater and the interior features a split-level mezzanine and a balcony that offers great views of the landscape.

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