AR Platform Gives Directions By Having People Follow Penguins

AR Platform Gives Directions By Having People Follow Penguins

The Penguin NAVI app uses augmented reality to turn the marine birds into a GPS device.

Kristen Nozell
  • 10 october 2013

When the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo posed a problem to Hakuhodo, the Japanese advertising and PR agency came up with a unique solution by bringing the aquarium’s feathered residents to a virtual platform. The aquarium is located one kilometer from the closest public transit station, and the establishment feared that potential visitors were losing their way or getting distracted en route. The Penguin NAVI ensured that visitors would find the marine attraction and not lose interest — by using augmented reality penguins to guide the visitors directly to the entrance.

At the station, signs encouraged users to download the Penguin NAVI app using a QR code. Once downloaded, viewers would know where to go simply by following the penguins. The app, which won a Silver Lion for use of technology at Cannes this year, was created using motion sensor technology so that the digital penguins realistically mimicked the exact movements of their real counterparts.

Sunshine Aquarium

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