3D technology revolutionizes the way men's clothing is measured and created.

Threadmason, a New York clothing startup that specializes in men's clothing, is revolutionizing generic sizes to create better fitting shirts. Instead of offering small, medium, and large, Threadmason has 24 different shirt sizes available that are based on real people's body types.

The company used 3d modeling to create form fitting shirts. For example, a man who generally wears a small, but has a broader shoulders can now purchase shirts that are looser on the upper part.

To find your perfect fit, simply input the 3 common measurements – your heigh, weight, and waist size – into the Threadmason sizing system. The system will use those measurements to generate a 3D avatar, and will then recommend sizings that best suits your body type. A heat map will also display tight and loose spots of the shirt.

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