Robotic Bartender Learns Owners’s Habits To Create Personalized Drinks [Video]

Robotic Bartender Learns Owners’s Habits To Create Personalized Drinks [Video]

Monsieur will pour a drink when a certain sports team wins, or when there's company.

Yi Chen
  • 7 october 2013

Monsieur aims to reinvent the social drinking experience and claims to be an artificially intelligent robotic bartender. The gadget has thousands of pre-made recipes that are ready to be dispensed at the touch of a button. Users can also browse through the cocktails via the touchscreen panel and there’s even a ‘surprise me’ feature for the indecisive.


The high-tech appliance is accompanied by a mobile app that allows users to order drinks remotely. When the app is used together with the drinks machine, Monsieur is able to pick up on the user’s habits and automate drink preferences. For example, Monsieur can know when you’ve had a long day at work and offers a double instead of a single. Or it can pour you a drink when your favorite team wins a game.


Currently, the robotic bartender is raising money on Kickstarter. With 39 days to go, the project has already raised over 50 per cent of its goal. Watch the video below to see how the gadget works:


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