Modular Home Decor Envisions A New Life For Plastic Bottle Tops [Pics]

Modular Home Decor Envisions A New Life For Plastic Bottle Tops [Pics]
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"Screw You" collection finds a more creative way to recycle bottle caps.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 october 2013

A new collection of items takes a more creative approach to recycling PET bottle caps, recombining them using 3D-printing to create an elaborate collection of household items called “Screw You.” These unique pieces are currently available at Layers, a design label for 3D-printed products created by Dutch product designer David Graas.

There is a wide variety of products on offer, including a Screw you vase, ring, bracelet and dog. The screw you dog actually allows you to store your dry foods in a fancy way, just cut off the tail bottle to function as a funnel and fill the legs, ears and nose of the dog one by one with sugar, rice, flour or pasta.


As for the vase, it makes use of 12 PET bottles, creating a unique way to put some flowers on display. The vase rests on the three centre bottles, so make sure they are the exact same height for the vase to stand upright. Then, fill all the bottles with water (half full is perfect) and screw them into the connector one by one.



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