Colorful Posters Double As DIY Lampshades [Pics]

Colorful Posters Double As DIY Lampshades [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Affordable posters that transform into light decorations, masks, or even totem poles.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 october 2013

Austrian design collective Mostlikely has created a set of posters that can be transformed into various illustrated animal lampshades, provided your origami skills are up to the challenge of course. As you can see from the pictures, there is also the option of wearing your lampshade as a mask instead.

Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List from the design collective collaborated with Vienna based artist BOICUT to create the origami lampshades, whose illustrations cover the designs. The goal was to create low-priced complex objects that are also easy to ship anywhere in the world.


The posters arrive in a cardboard tube like any other, which you can either frame and hang on the wall, or cut out and glue together using the tabs that adorn the design. For the more adventurous you can also combine multiple heads to create your very own custom totem pole.


Images via Dezeen




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