Billboards Feature Programming Code To Lure Tech Graduates

Billboards Feature Programming Code To Lure Tech Graduates

Cornell NYC Tech uses cryptic advertising to attract high-caliber applicants.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 october 2013

Cornell NYC Tech is a new graduate school scheduled to open in 2015 that has taken a very unique approach to attracting the right kind of students. Instead of appealing to the masses, their new campaign features programming language instead of clear, concise copy, making sure that only those with the desired skill set apply.

Posters and digital banners feature a black background that looks just like the terminal you would use to enter lines of code on a computer, with wording written in a common programming language. The school wants to attract entrepreneurial graduates with a strong background in technology before the Roosevelt Island-based school opens.


The campaign was created by Sullivan NYC, and could be just what the school needs to ensure it has a pool of top talent before it even opens its doors.


Cornell NYC Tech


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