A submission by Russian design duo Stain shown at the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow is inspired by the building's structure.

A projection-mapped motion graphic piece titled ‘Evolution‘ by the Russian design partnership Stain, is inspired by the very building onto which it is projected. The three minute long piece was projected onto Moscow’s exhibition hall Manege during the recent Circle of Light Festival, and is both a beautiful work in the abstract, and an homage to the building itself, using the architectural structure as an integral component.

In describing their work, the Moscow-based duo, Sasha Gavrilova and Sergey Titov, state that ‘experiments with space, form and motion bring new aesthetic experience and thus a deeper understanding of life.’ Using the abstract as inspiration, the pair brings their work to life using vvvv, a graphic and text-based programming environment that specifically accommodates large media environments. See the full piece below:

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