Bertolt Meyer, known as the "Bionic Man" insists commercial interests cannot be trusted to steer humanity.


This article titled “‘Bionic man' warns of ethical minefield” was written by Vanessa Thorpe, for The Observer on Saturday 28th September 2013 23.06 UTC

Bertolt Meyer, the academic known as “the bionic man”, said yesterday that scientists and engineers should not be allowed to launch some technological advances on the open market without a prior ethical debate.

Meyer, a key speaker at the first FutureFest event in east London this weekend, has had a cutting-edge £40,000 artificial lower arm and hand since 2009. Talking to an audience in Shoreditch town hall, he asked whether the public ought to let the laws of supply and demand decide how the human race moves towards a probable “bionic” future; a time where the bodies of those with access and money can be enhanced and augmented. “We are reaching the point where people with artificial limbs may have an advantage. It they start to appeal to everyone, a mass market will develop,” he said.

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