Album Remixes Songs In Real-Time Based On Listener’s Surroundings [Video]

Album Remixes Songs In Real-Time Based On Listener’s Surroundings [Video]

Change the harmony, melody, and rhythm of every song on this album using just your phone

Ross Brooks
  • 15 october 2013

To coincide with the debut album “Sadly by your side” from electronic musician edisonnoside, Italian interaction designer at FabricaAngelo Semeraro, has created an accompanying iOS app that remixes and transforms each song depending on the images focused on with the phone’s camera.

Custom built software allows the visual input to be converted into a new image painted with red, blue and black – each of which affects a different aspect of the music. This end result is a completely unique track, with an altered harmony, melody and rhythm, all as a direct result of the environment viewed through a camera lens.


The album itself explores the theme of distance, how physical and emotional distance can act upon us like a thin blanket of fog, warm and embracing trying to keep us safe. But when the music fades, we feel lonely and fragile once again, like we were before listening to it. It aims to take us away from ourselves, and at the same time, help us discover what it really means to be home.

IF YOU LEAVE from Fabrica on Vimeo.



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