Bruno Ribeiro's “Real Life Instagram” project placed physical Instagram frames with built-in colored plastic filters around sites in London.

People spend a lot their time staring at screens and on social networks, and as we become more immersed in the digital world, others are trying to draw us out of it by bringing online features to the physical realm. We saw this before with the iPhone Alert Stickers and now London-based artist Bruno Ribeiro has launched Real Life Instagram, placing physical filters in the capital city’s most photogenic places.

Ribeiro placed cardboard cutouts of the all-too-familiar Instagram square replete with a plastic coloured film so that people could use their smartphones to take pictures of sites through the faux filter. Whether it is a commentary on the social media phenomenon of Instagram and our obsession with photographing everything, or just injecting whimsy onto the streets of London, Ribeiro’s project makes viewers, stop, think and then snap away.

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