Resealable Soda Can Lets People Drink Spill-Free

Resealable Soda Can Lets People Drink Spill-Free
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Inventor tries to put a new twist on an industry that hasn't changed in over 30 years.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 october 2013

Frustrated with a flip-tab aluminum drink can that hasn’t been updated in 30 years, well so were Savannah inventor Brian Bettis and his son Rocky who have developed the iCan Twist-Top, a resealable, user-friendly prototype they hope will be the next big advance for the industry.

Instead of a flip tab, which can pop off, the iCan top has a center mouthpiece that can be turned one way for beverage flow and the other way to seal. This resealable opening with flow control and no removable parts makes it possible to keep your soda safe on journeys that would have resulted in a spilled soda in the past.

The idea was first developed and conceived in early 2009 by Brian Bettis, and now that the father-son team have a working prototype, they are seeking further funding on Kickstarter to add to the $200,000 of their own money invested in the project over the last four years. During development, Bettis wanted to add as little weight as possible to the lid, keep it stackable for packaging and distribution, and keep manufacturing costs similar to the existing aluminum can lids currently being used today.


One significant challenge faces the entrepreneurs, convincing industries that haven’t fundamentally changed in thirty years to adapt to the iCan Twist-Top solution. The pair are hoping to catch the attention of specialty beverage companies, who charge a premium for many of their products, and have increased hugely in popularity over recent years. They believe the iCan Twist-Top can add an exciting new element and “WOW” factor to their current product offerings.

There are plenty of aluminum-based offerings on their Kickstarter page for making a pledge, but you would have to hand over $100 to actually secure a limited-edition iCan Twist-Top can from the first production run.


The iCan Twist-Top

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