Company Lets People Check Out To-Go Boxes Like A Library [Video]

Company Lets People Check Out To-Go Boxes Like A Library [Video]

BizeeBox is a reusable, dishwasher-safe container that aims to remove takeout waste from urban landfills

Daniela Walker
  • 28 october 2013

Here is a statistic you probably didn’t know: Americans generate 570 million pounds of food packaging garbage waste every day, and a big contributor to that waste is takeout containers. BizeeBox is a new company that wants to reduce that waste by providing reusable takeout containers. The USP for BizeeBox is not the fact that they are reusable, but that they belong to the restaurant and are then checked out by diners – using the BizeeBox app – when taking leftovers home. When they have eaten the leftovers, they can return the BizeeBox to a drop-off location, just like a library book.

BizeeBox is the brainchild of Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurs, Rich Grousset and Phel Meyer. The containers are made out of are BPA-free polypropylene plastic and can be reused up to 350 times. When a person takes home their container, they can reuse it for up to 30 days before they get charged a replacement fee. When the container is returned to the deposit box, it will be taken and cleaned in a commercial dishwasher and returned to the restaurant.

Although some restaurants already use biodegradable or recyclable boxes, the company argues that reuse is better than recycling in the long run. Grousset told Fast Co.Exist:

We like biodegradable boxes, we just imagine a better future where these things could be used 300 times and then recycled.

Their for-profit business model depends on restaurants purchasing the containers, much like they would ordinary containers and offering marketing incentives to entice them to spend a little more than regular foam boxes. To get the project off the ground, they are turning to Indiegogo to raise $30,000. According to Grousset and Meyer, their research (based on calculations for Ann Arbor and then expanded to the US) has shown that they can reduce takeout containers from 5 billion disposable containers nationwide to just 18 million reusable containers.

Watch the animated video below to see how it works:


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