Ruined Negatives Create Otherworldly Images [Pics]

Ruined Negatives Create Otherworldly Images [Pics]
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Rohn Meijer invented a chemical cocktail to develop old slides into surreal new art prints.

Sara Boboltz
  • 14 october 2013

Most would probably toss out a bunch of slides discovered in a basement after 15 years — being exposed to 15 years’ worth of humidity and temperature change — but fashion photographer cum mad scientist Rohn Meijer decided to experiment.

Noticing that the moisture had crystalized on the negatives’ surface, Meijer crafted a secret mixture of water and developing chemicals to enhance the effect. Then he stuck the whole lot in a handmade, hermetically sealed container to soak and, after a few months, opened it up to see some surprising new images. And some completely destroyed negatives. Most he tossed, but some he kept — scanning them as art prints.

You can’t keep everything forever. There’s so much in my archive, sometimes it’s a pleasure to get rid of it.

Through his experimentation, Meijer learned how different film ISOs and chemical formulas can lead to different effects in the negative. But even so, he says that most of his results end up in the trash.


Photos by Rohn Meijer.

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