Samsung Paves The Way For Developers To Create Multi-Screen Experiences

Samsung Paves The Way For Developers To Create Multi-Screen Experiences

Samsung released a software development kit that enables developers to create multi-screen applications that work across devices.

Daniela Walker
  • 30 october 2013

Samsung hosted its first Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday, where the Korean company unveiled a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is going to make the connected home even more integrated with a multiscreening kit that connects Samsung Smart TVs to smartphones.

The internet of things – where all devices will be connected – has been floating around as a concept until the mid-90s, but only recently are we beginning to see it in application. Samsung’s SDK, which will be released on November 18, allows developers to create software that can work seamlessly on a smartphone and a Smart TV. Like Google’s Chromecast, Samsung converging mobile and television technologies but allowing developers to have a say in how it will be used.

One demo featured group-chatting app Rabbit. The demonstration showed how a person could simultaneously watch TV, bring up their Rabbit contact list on their phone and then begin a chat with the person on the TV screen, while watching the TV.

Juan Pablo Gnecco of Samsung Media Solutions, told the audience that American homes now housed six devices on average, according to a Nielsen report. He explained:

Today your living room is full of devices. What’s missing is a platform that allows developers to easily create multi-screen applications. So we’re introducing a Samsung multi-screen SDK.

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