Everyday Objects Crafted From Sandpaper Question Society’s Idea Of Comfort [Pics]

Everyday Objects Crafted From Sandpaper Question Society’s Idea Of Comfort [Pics]
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Artist Mandy Smith uses the rough product to craft realistic, 3D renderings of mundane items like a bra and a bike.

Daniela Walker
  • 24 october 2013

Sculptural artist Mandy Smith creates feats of wonder out of plain paper. For her latest project, she took on a more abrasive material – sandpaper – to create everyday objects out of the rough stuff. The sandpaper creates a sense of discomfort when viewing objects that we would normally consider to be quite comfortable.


Photographer Bruno Drummond took pictures of the seemingly mundane miniature sculptures and the still lifes are surprisingly unsettling. The longer a viewer stares at the items, the more they can imagine the painful and uncomfortable feeling of sandpaper across their skin. The idea of a wiping with a roll of stiff, granular toilet paper is sure to send shivers down one’s spine.

Smith explained her motivations to PSFK:

I was having a conversation with a friend about other types of paper I wanted to start using and we started joking around about sandpaper and items that made us cringe. I have made miniature models before and they always look quite sweet but it was quite nice with this material that they still look pretty and then you feel uncomfortably thinking about them in actual life. Sandpaper however is not easy to work with compared to other papers. It definitely was much harder to manipulate into shapes and the glue didn’t really want to hold! Patience is a virtue!

Click through the gallery below to see Smith’s sandpaper creations:

Mandy Smith

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