Tide tries to save mothers across the country from their children's dirty laundry.

The sight of a child returning home from University with a bag full of dirty laundry is a common one for many parents, especially those with kids currently attending university. In an effort to take the strain off parents and encourage students to do their own laundry, Tide has recruited the help of agency Leo Burnett in Poland to create a t-shirt that is able to wash itself.

Each piece of clothing features the design of a mother with her arms in the air, tears flowing freely from her eyes and swirling around in the background – clearly from the unbearable amount of laundry she receives each week. If the guilt of the image isn't enough to encourage kids to wash their own clothes, students simply have to throw the t-shirt into some water, at which point the mother's tears dissolve and wash the load of laundry.

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