London’s Serpentine Gallery Gets A Logo Rebrand [Pics]

London’s Serpentine Gallery Gets A Logo Rebrand [Pics]

Pentagram gives London art institution a brand identity that's ready for print and screen.

Sara Boboltz
  • 21 october 2013

The Serpentine Galleries (formerly singular) in London have a wonderfully flexible new brand identity courtesy of Pentagram.

After recently expanding their space, opening Zaha Hadid‘s Sackler Gallery just a few weeks ago, the cultural institution felt it needed a complementary logo refresh. The resulting design features a brand new typeface and an oblong gap that can be repositioned between any two adjacent letters and filled with varying images to represent the galleries’ multifaceted purpose — it’s an art house, a restaurant, a cultural landmark — and new philosophy of openness.

As logo design becomes more complicated, needing to look just as good in print as on a webpage and in video, Pentagram’s is a shining example of that requisite adaptability. Responsible parties include Marina Willer and Brian Boylan (of Wolff Olins), along with Ian Osborne for the typeface.

Although some have criticized its lack of simplicity, you can decide for yourself by taking a look below:

Serpentine Galleries

Photos via Pentagram.

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