Shopping Cart Merry-Go-Round Comments On Never-Ending Consumerism

Shopping Cart Merry-Go-Round Comments On Never-Ending Consumerism

A witty architectural installation aims to help reflect on the existential dynamics of shopping.

Plus Aziz
  • 4 october 2013

Nuno Pimenta is a believer in transdisciplinary thinking. The Portuguese architect created an outdoor carousel installation whose seats consist of brightly colored yellow shopping carts connected to a post bolted to the ground. Witty deviations or interventions like this help to expand on what we typically associate with the work of an architect. Transforming public space into a point of reflection on ourselves and consumerism in general.

Located in Portugal, the urban merry-go-round is meant to represent the cyclical nature of consumerism. Designboom quote’s the designer for saying that “by counteracting the freedom of movement that normally characterizes these carts (ironically moving in circles) we are reminded that consumerism does not take us anywhere… or in the best case scenario to the starting point.”. Check out the video below to see the installation in action:

Nuno Pimenta

Photos via DesignBoom.


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