How Three Innovators Are Using Design To Spur An Eco-Conscious Revolution

How Three Innovators Are Using Design To Spur An Eco-Conscious Revolution

Game-changing designers are creating products to generate awareness for the environmental cause.

  • 2 october 2013

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The United Nations’ climate panel is almost 100% certain that humans have been the main cause of global warming since the 1950s. To stop this negative trend and change how we think about environmental responsibility, the design community have rallied around the idea that the best way to create positive action is to communicate eco-friendly behavior reminders through the objects people use everyday. By reimagining items we can’t avoid coming into contact with, such as the shoes we strap onto our feet and the bathroom fixtures that we use every morning, a few game-changers are infusing their designs with sustainable features and materials.

These creators are changing the way that they communicate with their audience and sending a targeted green message through their products. In the same vein, Simple Mobile is helping to change the way people communicate and share information with each other by developing swappable SIM cards. The company’s new plans work on any unlocked phone, and customers can receive affordable coverage without feeling tied to one carrier.


Below we list a few of the minds that are re-shaping the design world by communicating a simple, green ethos. If you have an inspirational idea you want help sharing, head to Change Your Game, and tell Simple Mobile how they can aid you in pursuing your dreams.


Innovator Crafts Products That Dial Down Our Ecological Footprint

French designer Philippe Starck sees his main mission as creating products that improve the lives of as many people as possible. With mantras such as “design is a tool to help the tribe” and environmental concern is “a state of mind,” Starck reworks everyday objects by reimagining their functionality. To reduce strain on our already-limited water supply, Starck’s Organic faucet takes advantage of a concept called “empty water.” By injecting air into a normal stream of tap water, we can cut our water consumption in half and still feel as if we’re soaping up with the same amount. Starck sets the bar high for producing ethical and ecological objects that ameliorate the world around us – and still look beautiful while doing so.


One Designer’s Quest To Turn Disposable Cutlery Into A Sustainable Industry

Chinese product designer Qiyun Deng is attempting to disrupt a field that has failed to put forth many eco-friendly initiatives on its own. Standard practice is to use coffee cups or plastic forks once and then throw them away, without considering that their next destination will be a landfill. Deng’s designs promote bio-plastic as a mainstream material, evident in her line of disposable plant-based cutlery. Both made from and appearing like plants, the Graft collection shows how natural textures and forms can offer up other functions – like an artichoke leaf that serves as a spoon in a second life. Deng is changing the game by arousing our imaginations with these oft-forgotten disposables and making us more conscious of what – and how – we eat.

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Footwear Maker Transports 3D Printing To A Greener Realm  

There’s no denying the impact that 3D printing is having on manufacturing innovation these days; however, many overlook the fact that the technology tends to use synthetic materials as ink. Breaking away from the pack, London-based designer Liz Ciokajlo crafts shoes that will pave the way for natural materials to be considered a viable alternative to 3D printing plastics. Her Natural Selection line features futuristic wedges made from natural fibers such as flax, hemp and coconut husks. Instead of relying on non-decomposable textiles – or even worse, leather – this designer is shaking up the fashion industry with her eco-conscious designs.

To keep this trend of positive change going, Simple Mobile is calling upon designers, creators and anyone with a talent or skill to share how Simple Mobile can help push their dreams forward. At Change Your Game, record a 30-second video detailing how Simple Mobile can help turn your dreams into reality, and you could win a new tablet or phone until October 29.

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