Larger-Than-Life Paintbrushes Create Spattered Restaurant Interior [Pics]

Larger-Than-Life Paintbrushes Create Spattered Restaurant Interior [Pics]
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Designer uses a modern restaurant as her blank canvas, and colors it with vivid blotches of paint.

Serena Chu
  • 18 october 2013

Conceptual restaurant Pracownia – which means “workshop” in Polish – was designed by Karina Wiciak as part of her interior design project titled collection XII. The design of this particular restaurant is modeled to resemble the inside of a painter’s studio. Random blobs of paint seem to have been splashed everywhere, creating a bubbly and colorful atmosphere.

restaurant 1

In this restaurant, buckets are turned into chairs and brushes are used as structural support. Palettes have been turned into tables and lights. Wiciak even design the bathroom to compliment the overall restaurant feel. Instead having a traditional sink, she installed a large easel to support the counter top and mirror.

restaurant 4

Procownia is an elegant restaurant that features a pop-art style. Meticulously designed, the restaurant is the perfect dining venue for a quaint and fantasy-like date. But, just watch out for wet paint when you sit down.


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