Illustrations Call Out Annoying Creative Industry Stereotypes [Pics]

Illustrations Call Out Annoying Creative Industry Stereotypes [Pics]

Field guide designed to identify your least favorite co-workers and encourage them to change.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 october 2013

Just like any other industry, the creative field is filled with people that you would much rather avoid than spend all day stuck in the same office with. Thankfully Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman have created “Work Wankers,” an online way to identify the different types of annoying co-workers, along with a few suggestions about what to call them.

Co-creator and illustrator Sayaman provides a little background on the project:

Peter Cortez and I have both worked in Advertising for a bit, and wanted a fun way to highlight the wankers we all encounter in Design & Ad shops (or any creative industry gig) that make us & our friends hate their jobs.


It’s mainly meant as a bit of fun, but there is also the hope that it will make creative people more aware of their crappy behaviour. Just in case you work with some especially oblivious people, the pair have also created the “Call out a Wanker” feature which lets you anonymously send the appropriate visual to an offending co-worker without resorting to outright bullying.

We were very aware that this idea could easily go mean-spirited, so we tried to diffuse the potential venom with cuteness. Also from a writer’s perspective, the copy is purposely straightforward, because we didn’t want to exaggerate too much since all of these stereotypes are based in reality.

Check out the gallery of annoying colleagues below:

Work Wankers


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