How Building Urban Micro-Communities Can Lead To A Better Living Experience

How Building Urban Micro-Communities Can Lead To A Better Living Experience
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In partnership with the 101 W 15 by Stonehenge, we explore how interactive and enhanced spaces are the future of apartment rentals.

  • 2 october 2013

Living in an urban center can often be an alienating experience, especially if one moves to the big city to start fresh. Likewise, finding a group of likeminded people in that city can be a difficult task, particularly on top of an already busy work schedule. Faced with these particular hurdles to successful urban living, 101 W 15 by Stonehenge, located in Chelsea, has been working to envision new ways to bring its residents together, and hopefully build a better living experience.


Bubbly Hour champagne tasting on the Ritz Plaza rooftop

Directly in opposition to the anonymous apartment culture of NYC, Stonehenge’s goal has always been to create a community of residents who enjoy their living space and want to be a part of a community together, creating a healthier standard for NYC living. Stonehenge is looking to create a communal space within an apartment building, and in their own way create a real life social network which focuses on all aspects of life: both business and leisure.


A panel discussion with Your Bella Life

To achieve this, Stonehenge hosts year-round events and partnerships, which cater to the niche interests of the people who live in any of its 27 rental buildings. These events are meant to focus not just on bringing residents together for entertainment, but rather to stimulate specific communities’ passions, and offer likeminded individuals the opportunity to work together or enjoy the things they love. For example, film lovers can come together to participate in bi-monthly events from the Film Society of Lincoln Center, involving screenings and thought provoking discussion. Food lovers can excite their taste buds together with events and dinners hosted by the James Beard Foundation, as well as food tastings from local chefs and home cooking dinner parties that help them improve their own skills


Yoga with Reflections Studio in the Ritz Plaza Park

For fitness fanatics, Stonehenge partners with local yoga studios for free classes, as well as regularly scheduled fitness classes at the in-building facilities which helps residents motivate each other to reach their fitness goals. As well, since building a strong business network is important in New York, Stonehenge currently hosts women’s networking events with groups such as Urban Girl Squad and Bella Life, as well as weekly TedxNewYork Salon programs. In addition, Business Exchange, a program where residents can showcase their own businesses to their neighbors., helps local talent thrive. Through these programs, residents are offered not just a place to call home, but an opportunity to build a unique community, and the potential to create something new with their neighbors.

The overall idea of this modern eco-system is to offer something more than the typical apartment experience where residents simply come and go, and to create a living experience that goes beyond physical amenities. The 101 is a space for Stonehenge to continue achieving this through building unique experiences that enhance the lives of its residents, in a way that expands their personal lives as well as their careers. Through strong community and close ties with neighbors, the Stonehenge life appears to be a healthier and more complete living alternative to busy New Yorkers.

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