Travel Agency For Stuffed Animals Sends Toys On Vacation

Travel Agency For Stuffed Animals Sends Toys On Vacation

Unagi Travel takes stressed animal pals on trips when their owners can't travel.

Kristen Nozell
  • 28 october 2013

Unagi Travel is a unique Japanese travel agency that lets stuffed animal owners live vicariously through their toys’ travels. Intended for those who are housebound or can’t afford a trip of their own, the Japanese service takes plush friends on an adventure for $55 or less, depending on the trip. Current vacation packages include Kamakura, Yokohama, Tokyo and a ‘Mystery’ tour. Owners receive updates including photos and videos, which are also posted on the agency’s Facebook page.

‘Armchair travel’ is no new phenomenon, but Unagi adds a very personal twist by allowing would-be travelers to send fluffy companions in their stead. Check out the video below of a depressed Teddy who returns rejuvenated from a trip to Tokyo.

Unagi Travel


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