Record Label Lets Listeners Subscribe To Its Albums Like A Magazine

Record Label Lets Listeners Subscribe To Its Albums Like A Magazine

Music producer puts an end to previous company in favor of a new business model.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 october 2013

As subscription-based music distribution platforms get more popular, they are proving to be a more appealing option than traditional record labels for many listeners and producers alike. One such convert is music producer Nicolas Jaar, who has decided to put an end to his independent record label Clown & Sunset in favor of a “serial label” called Other People.

The first release, which was made available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike, included the first 11 minutes of a new album from Darkside, Jaar’s project with Dave Harrington. The issue after that was only available to subscribers, and featured a compilation called Trust, which contained new music from Jaar, Harrington, and ten other artists.


Apart from Jaar and Harrington, the “serial label” is backed by many of the Clown & Sunset crew such as Nikita Quasim, Valentin Stip, and Acid Pauli, as well as another of Jaar’s bandmates, Will Epstein. There is sure to be plenty of fresh talent making an appearance through the music subsciption service, but that means subscribing to find out.

Whether or not the continuous stream of fresh content can be maintained week on week is the real challenge that a service like this faces, but passionate and talented people powering the idea definitely helps.


Other People


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