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A headset that monitors a user's brainwaves and an app that adjusts workouts according to stamina. Innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Each week with its partner Boehringer Ingelheim brings you a snapshot of five innovative ideas that are reshaping the health care industry. This week’s innovations include a headset that monitors a user’s brainwaves and an app that adjusts workouts according to stamina.

Headset Measures People’s Breathing To Create A Full-Body Health Profile BreathResearch is a company that is focusing on monitoring breath as a way to reduce stress, optimize athletic performance, lose weight and improve sleep. The company have been developing the technology since 2008, working on research that analyzes ‘breath acoustics,’ otherwise known as the quality of your breathing. Using 10 years of data, which amounts to over 10,000 recordings of various people’s breathing, the company has translated the data into numerical values that contribute to a “breathing index.” Combined with a mobile app, the headset listens to a user’s breathing, analyzes the patterns, generates a breathing score and provides recommendations on how to improve breathing. Although breath detection is a new field, recent studies suggest that this analysis can detect stress levels, bacterial infections, and other conditions, as well as help alleviate stress, asthma and other conditions.

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