Offering a new take on wearable technology, the Cyclops Snapback Hat features an LCD screen that can display images or animations.

Moscow-based digital fashion design and manufacturing business Cyclops Company is offering a new take on wearable technology. The Cyclops Snapback Hat is equipped with a customizable touchscreen display on its front that shows interchangeable pictures or videos.

Cyclops Company is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the unique headwear. The hat is made of durable, high quality materials and is available with either a cotton or leather base in a variety of colors.

The 960 x 640 resolution screens are wi-fi and Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to process and display information on the go. The Lithium ion battery allows video to be streamed for eight hours. Users will be able to synchronize the Cyclops screen with their smartphone for endless personalization.

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