12 Stories You Need To Know Today

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

A fame-seeking pirate is lead to handcuffs while Toyota's invention protects innocents from bad drivers.

Sara Boboltz
  • 16 october 2013

Toyota’s new car will steer itself clear of pedestrians in case you don’t.  WSJ

Suspected pirate showed up to sign a movie deal but got himself arrested instead. The New York Times

Apple hired Burberry CEO to run its retail operation and she’s awesome.  Business Insider

Students in Australia can order textbooks to be delivered via drone. TechWorld

Economist thinks governments will want to squash the Bitcoin. Technology Review

People aren’t buying as many Apple 5Cs as Apple thought they would. Mashable

Multilingual students translate BuzzFeed listicles through crowd-sourcing. The Telegraph

The Google Watch will come equipped with Android 4.4 KitKat. I4U

Pepsi Next holds contest to win cool trips through Airbnb.  Mashable

Amazon is setting up shop directly inside suppliers’ warehouses. WSJ

We can now print in glow-in-the-dark 3D thanks to MakerBot. Slashgear

A third of users read their tablet magazines ‘cover-to-cover.’ BrandRepublic

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