Custom T-Shirts Foil Facebook’s Facial Recognition Tools [Pics]

Custom T-Shirts Foil Facebook’s Facial Recognition Tools [Pics]

Protect your online identity with this mesmerizing piece of cryptic clothing.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 october 2013

Facebook knows what you look like, and for many people that is an unsettling pill to swallow, especially when it comes to protecting online data, or avoiding advertising that knows just a little bit too much about you. In an effort to fight back, one designer has created a piece of clothing that confuses the facial recognition technology used by Facebook.

The “REALFACE Glamoflage” T-shirts by Simone C. Niquille feature a variety of famous faces blended together in a way that gives them the appearance of fading in and out of reality, but more importantly, confuses facial recognition software.


Niquille came up with the idea as part of her master’s thesis while studying at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The project was called FaceValue, and explored possible design solutions related to privacy, pattern recognition and biometrics. The $65 custom-printed shirts were just one part of her three-part thesis.

Other ways to fool facial recognition that Niquille developed include FaceBay, an online marketplace imagined with collaborator Christin Neal where individuals could buy and sell visages online. As well as FaceValue, accessories such as contact lenses that emitted an image-obfuscating reflection triggered by a camera’s flash, and Chin+, a 3D-printed prosthetic optimized for video calls.

REALFACE Glamoflage T-shirts

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