Tweeting Bra Reminds Women To Get Monthly Breast Exams [Video]

Tweeting Bra Reminds Women To Get Monthly Breast Exams [Video]

Nestle creates a high-tech piece of underwear that aims to improve female health.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 october 2013

OgilvyOne Athens has designed a high-tech piece of lingerie that sends a Tweet every time it’s unclasped. The bra is part of a new fitness campaign from Nestle that aims to promote breast cancer awareness and the need for women to perform self-examinations every month.

This unique piece of underwear works using a special mechanism hidden under the hook of the bra. Every time the Twitter-enabled bra is unhooked, it sends a signal to a cell phone, the cell phone notifies a server, and the server generates the tweet.


Seeing as the bra can Tweet, it only makes sense that there is a hashtag (#tweetingbra) for you to get involved with. You can also follow the @tweetingbra, but keep in mind that the campaign was designed for Greece, meaning most of the Tweets will be in Greek.

If you want to get a look at this unique new technology in action, make sure sure to watch the subtitled video below:

Tweeting Bra by Nestle

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