Refrigerator Tweets Live Video Whenever Its Door Is Opened

Refrigerator Tweets Live Video Whenever Its Door Is Opened

To promote its new line of cold storage appliances, LG Sweden has built a model with a social media presence.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 october 2013

LG Sweden has developed a “tweeting” refrigerator to promote its new line. Its followers on Twitter can see who’s looking inside as it sends out a message with a live-streamed video every time the door is opened.

The refrigerator is another example of the growing trend of Internet Of Things, where everyday objects are embedded with sensors and the ability to communicate. It also shows off the company’s “door-in-door” technology, which offers innovative storage solutions.

Tweeting Refrigerator Highlights Appliances’ Role In The Internet Of Things

Ad Age reports that the “tweeting” refrigerator’s first destination is at the TV production company Baluba. Twitter followers can get an inside view of the company, see its shows being produced and visiting celebs at the office. The Inside Story website features all the tweets and video clips, as well as information about LG’s products. You can check out the company’s new refrigerator features in the video below:


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