13 Stories You Need To Know Today

13 Stories You Need To Know Today
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CA governor bans 'revenge porn,' Uber seeks help from startups in Asia, and Hyundai bids farewell to the cigarette lighter.

Sara Boboltz
  • 3 october 2013

Uber seeks help of local startups to grow its business in Asia. The Next Web

CA governor Jerry Brown decrees sharing compromising photos of ex-partners illegal. Los Angeles Times

Hyundai will replace cigarette lighters with USB ports, starting in Korea. Quartz

3D printer sales predicted to grow 49% this year, says new report. TechCrunch

Marc Jacobs, designer, will leave Louis Vuitton to focus on Marc Jacobs, clothing line. The New York Times

Retina display iPad mini faces severe production shortage for holidays. The Verge

Founder of Zynga and ‘FarmVille’ pioneer finally bored with games. WSJ

Lone Airbnb cartographer creates neighborhood maps to track rentals. The Verge

Facebook allows users to search timelines for status updates, photos, and more. The New York Times

Microsoft investors supposedly pressing Bill Gates to step down as chairman. SlashGear

Hulu Plus to join Google’s video subscription Chromecast service. Variety

New search engine Blippex could rival Google with unique crowd-sourcing algorithm. Quartz

Kia USA announces plan for all-electric vehicle available in 2014. Kia Media

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