Artist Sketches Turn Urban Environments Into Playgrounds

Artist Sketches Turn Urban Environments Into Playgrounds
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George Zisiadis imagines a city where parking meters dispense gumballs and traffic lights are disco balls.

Kristen Nozell
  • 18 october 2013

Urban Imagination‘ is an ongoing series of sketches by San Francisco-based interactive artist George Zisiadis that reinvents everyday urban constructs, such as transportation and architecture, with a playful twist. The Harvard educated designer was also behind Boston’s ‘Pulse of the City‘ installation, which turned pedestrians’ heartbeats into unique melodies.

The series, currently consisting of sixteen drawings, bears the quality of childlike imagination.

“I found that these sketches are the ideal way to quickly inspire a new way of seeing the world,” Zisiadis tells PSFK. “Urban Imagination helps people look past the urban status quo and see cities as a canvas for fun.”


They may not be realistic, but it is certainly remarkable to imagine a world in which pedestrians could opt to swing across a monkey bar crosswalk, go for a jaunt in the ‘skipping lane’ (which fits nicely between the bike lane and regular sidewalk, of course), and turn a boring commute into a thrilling ride with the subway roller coaster.

See more of the quirky illustrations below, and head to the artist’s site for more.

George Zisiadis – Urban Imagination

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