Designer turns a long list of achievements into an exciting well-designed narrative.

Resumés are a double-edged sword – job seekers struggle to find ways to make theirs more interesting than everyone else's, while recruiters have to trawl through stacks of paper that often look like clones of the one that went before. Thankfully, a New York-based designer by the name of Robby Leonardi has proven that there is hope for the recruitment world by turning what could be a dull and lifeless list of achievements into an exciting interactive game.

Leonardi's game takes on the pixelated appearance of a classic Super Mario game and proves that you don't need to create anything too extravagant to stand out from the crowd. As you navigate through the game using a touchscreen, arrow keys, or your mouse’s scroll wheel, you will slowly uncover more details of the designer's life and experience.

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